B-4 Sandhurst squad
by Carolyn Williams

Carolyn Williams with Daniel Lee and 7 others.

June 29, 2016 ·


Tom, you can tell who you are in this picture simply because you're the one smiling the widest, ready to take on our biggest challenge of the year. You were always upbeat, the hardest worker, and always ready to put a smile on someone else's face. Seeing the smile on your face when we saw each other during your Air Assault class, brought a smile to mine, and is the picture of you that I will never forget.

With your final act you proved to everyone the hero you are, but our team, our family, we already knew. We knew you would always have our back no matter what, and we know you'll continue to do so in a new way.

I can't convey how heartbroken I am right now, but I know one day we'll be together again. Probably with a backyard game of football where Daniel likes to change the rules, Chance makes some crazy catch, and with you gunnin' from the pocket. It'll be a glorious day with the family back together and whole.

I love you and miss you, Tom. Well done. Now, be thou at peace.




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