West Point Superintendent Is Known for His Badass Game Entrances. But This One Came at a Grave Price
LTG Caslen’s entrance onto the football field was a stark reminder that the USMA family will continue to train, fight, and safeguard all that our country holds dearest.
West Point cadet earns Soldier's Medal for his dying act.
News article from the Army Times about CDT Tom Surdyke's sacrifice.
Wall Street Journal News Story
WSJ news article about CDT Tom Surdyke from July 4th, 2016.
CDT Tom M. Surdyke Bracelet
Website to purchase CDT Tom M. Surdyke Bracelet, All proceeds from the sale of the Tom Surdyke Bracelet will be donated to a charity designated by the surviving family.
Eulogy page created by West-Point.org
Congressman Jason Smith Honors Cadet Tom Surdyke on the House Floor
Video of Congressman Jason Smith Honoring Cadet Tom Surdyke.