Inspiring and Developing Young Leaders of Character - How we begin...
by Eric Haislar

In our search for a program designed to develop young leaders of character we chose to use Dr. Tim Elmore’s Habitudes - Images that form leadership habits and attitudes.


St. Pius X social sciences teacher, Melissa Wencker and I attended the two day Habitudes Intensive. Melissa was Tom’s homeroom teacher and is excited to be helping continue Tom's legacy at St. Pius X High School.


According to Dr. Elmore, most of us are visual learners. We like to see a picture, not just hear a word. Teaching with images is so effective because pictures stick. Images engage emotions, invite responses and increase memory capacity.


We have chosen to present The Art of Leading Yourself to the sophomore class at St. Pius X High School. Before you can lead others, you must first learn to lead yourself. The program consists of 13 Self Leadership Principles, each revolving around a specific image. For example, the Iceberg image: The iceberg represents your leadership. The 10% above the water is your skill. The 90% below the water is your character. It's what's below the surface that sinks the ship.

The large image of an iceberg was displayed on screen as games, hands on activities, movie clips, music and personal stories were used to develop the theme of the Iceberg: it is our character, the 90% hidden below the surface, that makes us great leaders.


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