B4 Buffalo Memorial Hike
by Janice Surdyke

Company B4 cadets  invited Tim and Janice Surdyke to join them for a trek up Popolopen Torne to honor their fallen company mate, brother, and fellow buffalo, Tom Surdyke.

To honor Tom's warrior spirit, they made the climb carrying a 125 lb. slab of granite, taken from the apron directly outside the B4 barracks. The stone is engraved with:  

Cadet Thomas M. Surdyke
            Company B4
Once a Buff, Always a Buff.

Storms threatened, the humidity was high and the trail was steep. But the buffaloes pushed upward stopping occasionally to tell stories of Tom while the pack containing the granite was transferred from cadet to cadet. The stone was placed at the highest point on the mountain among countless other memorials left in honor of fallen soldiers.

Click the photo below to view photos from the hike.


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